K&B Technologies is a professional organization involved in manufacturing,sourcing and supplying wide range of premier, reliable and cutting edge technology products and solutions in the field of electrical and electronics. While offering value added products and customized solutions, we aim to simplify customer needs towards improving efficiency and optimizing the value proposition in their respective business portfolios. We have rapidly achieved great strides in developing customers in diverse sectors such as power & energy, oil & gas, defence, technical education, automobile ,aviation,railways, govt. and private manufacturing industries etc.

K&B is popularly synonymous among industries with quality product manufacturer,suppliers and exceptional after sales service. We strive to build everlasting relationships with both partners ubiquitously- customers and suppliers in facilitating wide range of engineering solutions. Our core strength lies with well experienced and expert team who remain committed to provide the highest level of services to each connections and customers regardless of the size and place of the customer or the order value. We are well acknowledged for fair business policies and practices.

Power Electronics Solutions

Total Solution of Power Conversion & Power Stablization, AC/DC Power Supplies, AC/AC Frequency Converters, DC/DC Converter, DC/AC UPS/Inverter, Electronic Loads, and Charger Units.We customise our standard solution to meet customer's demands or develop a new and application based Power Electronics Products according to the specifications of customers.


Testing & Mesuring Instruments

Total Solution for Electrical & Elctronics Test and measurment "Power Quality Analyzers & Power Loggers, Data Acquisition (DAQ), Oscilloscopes, Arbitary Wavefrom Generators, Digital Multimeters & Clampmeters,LCR Meters, Impedance Analyzers, Power Meters, Power Analyzers, Cable fault Locator , Thermal Imager - Infrared Camera etc.


Electronic PCB Diagnostic Solutions(ATE)

Total solutions for Test, Measurement, Fault-daigonosis and repair of both analogue and digital electronics at component or board level almost any kind of PCBs in Power ON as well as Power OFF conditions.


Renewable Energy Solutions

Total solution of EPC, I&C, O&M of Roof Top/Gound mounted Solar Power Generation System, Testing and Performance Auditing of Solar Power Plant, Testing Equipments for Solar Plant, Ongrid/Hybrid Solar Inverters.


Turnkey Project Solutions

Total Solutions for complete SPS Projects for Indian Defense Orgenisations, HVAC Projects, Solar Power Plants Etc


Electric Vehicle Spares & Test Solution

Total solutions for Electric Vehical Spares, EV Charger,Testing and calibration of EV Charger


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